For reliability, we are the Toronto pallet recycling partner you need!

Unwanted wood pallets are a headache for any company. Toronto Pallet Recycling is the best medicine.

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    Quality Pallet Recycling Services through dedication

    You need a Toronto pallet recycling partner who will provide low cost pallet recycling options, fast service and reliability. We are also pallet buyers and offer some of the highest payouts in the industry for 48x40 standard size pallets.

    We Are Also Pallet Buyers

    We will pay you great rebates for 48" by 40" standard size wood pallets.

    Residential Pallet Recycling Services

    Have a handful of standard or non-standard size pallets?

    Commercial Pallet Recycling Services

    Need a one time pickup or regularly scheduled pickups?

    Industrial Pallet Recycling Services

    Have scrap/odd size pallets you need removed?

    Free Pallet Recycling & We Pay YOU


    48" by 40" Standard Pallets

    For small volumes of 48×40 standard size pallets, we can usually offer free pallet recycling services. For large volumes, we will pay YOU for each 48×40 pallet.


    Non-Standard Size Pallets

    For large volumes of non-standard size wooden pallets, we may be able to offer a rebate per pallet. Please contact us to discuss.


    48x40 pallets with Some Odd Sizes

    If you generate a lot of 48×40 pallets but also have some odd sizes, no worries. We will remove the odd sizes for free because the 48x40s have enough value for us.

    Why Choose Us

    For Toronto Pallet Recycling & Surrounding Areas

    We offer great payouts for standard 48" by 40" wood pallets and quick service. Because of our large client base, we can often pay rebates for large volumes of non-standard size pallets as well.


    Safety First

    Our recycling team is fully trained to ensure safe loading and offloading of pallets.

    24x7 Support

    Friendly Support

    We are experts in the pallet recycling field and will offer suggestions and guidance.

    Cost Saving

    Fantastic Rebates

    We want your 48″ by 40″ pallets! We pay top dollar for your standard 48×40 recycled pallets.

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    Keep your facility free of unwanted pallets and earn more revenue in the process. Contact Toronto Pallet Recycling today and let's discuss how we can work together.

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