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Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receiving about pallet & skid recycling in Toronto and surrounding areas.

There is no minimum quantity required. However, for very small volumes, there would be a charge as there are costs involved for us.

We pay for 48×40 standard pallets. There would need to be a minimum of 100 for us to be able to pay you.

We can sometimes pay for other sizes. This depends on if we have clients who would purchase that particular size. For example, if want us to pick up 100 48x48s and we have a client who purchases 48×48 used pallets, we could pay you a rebate per pallet. We cannot pay rebates on small volumes of non-standard size pallets & skids.

We sure can. If you accumulate large volumes of used pallets, we can drop an empty trailer to keep your facility floor free of unwanted used pallets. Just contact us when the trailer is full and we will swap it with an empty trailer within 48 hours.

You bet. We can arrange a one-time scrap removal or schedule regular pickups to address ongoing needs. There is a charge for this service. Please send us a picture of everything you need removed and we will provide you with a quote for the removal.

Trailer swaps are usually completed within 48 hours of a request being placed. Live loads are performed within 1-5 days of a request being placed depending on how busy we are at that time. Pickups of 48×40 standard size pallets & skids are given priority.

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