Pallet Removal Services

Piles of unwanted used pallets are not just a headache. They can be a safety hazard.

Contact Toronto Pallet Recycling Today to keep your facility safe.

We offer different pallet removal services

Pallet removal services include dropped empty trailers, live loading, and bin drops.

For large volumes of pallets, we can drop an empty trailer. You just give us a shout when it’s full and we will come swap it out! For smaller volumes, we send a truck to remove the pallets. If you have scrap pallets plus other waste material, we can drop a bin.

Let’s chat to determine the best pallet removal solution for YOU.

Residential Pallet Removal Services

Residential Pallet Removal Services

Have a few old pallets lying around which are an eyesore?

Commercial Pallet Removal Services

Receiving product on pallets and need regular pallet removal service?

Commercial Pallet Removal Services
Industrial Pallet Removal Services

Industrial Pallet Removal Services

Need to keep up safety standards with regular pallet removals?

Quick Service & Great Rebates


48" by 40" Standard Pallets

For small volumes of 48×40 standard size pallets, we can usually offer free pallet removal services. For large volumes, we will pay YOU for each 48×40 pallet.


Non-Standard Size Pallets

For large volumes of non-standard size wooden pallets, we may be able to offer a rebate per pallet. Please contact us to discuss.


48x40 pallets with Some Odd Sizes

If you generate a lot of 48×40 pallets but also have some odd sizes, no worries. We will remove the odd sizes for free because the 48x40s have enough value for us.

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Keep your facility free of unwanted pallets and earn more revenue in the process. Contact Toronto Pallet Recycling today and let's discuss how we can work together.

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